LEDs are known to almost everyone, even without their knowing. LEDs are those charming bulbs that light the  keys on your phone, etc. This type of lighting was restricted to the world of electronics, because until recently our knowledge of the physics of these diodes only allow us to make red and green-yellow lights. Although from the beginning stood out for its low consumption and efficiency.

 In fact the red LEDs have been great friends for amateur astronomers around the world, such as low power flashlight and does not produce glare. 
But physics and technology advance, and since a relatively short period there are LEDs available in all colors: red, yellow, green, blue and white!!

The white LED has been sought as the Holy Grail of enlightenment. The LEDs have two characteristics that make them very, very desirable for the industry:
-Its durability (life span of more than 100,000 hours - 11.5 years) Almost twice as its competitors.
-Its low power consumption.

 Currently it is taking very seriously the replacement of traditional lighting by LEDs in many fields. There are already cars with LED headlamps, flashlights, traffic lights, etc.

led Illuminators
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